Brave new world


We all know what open source software is and although it hasn't been the world changing phenomena we hoped it would be, it brought us a lot of good. These days the world is facing something new: open source hardware. The firewall from the virtual world to the real world has been breached. As with every new technology it will take a while before the massive impact will hit us, but it will.

A small step for man

With all these new technologies emerging, we see it happen every day: two simple technologies together form a brilliant new product. Most of these are on the low level of the spectrum of inventions but create powerfull applications (examples). This can provide great benefits for the end users, but has a far more greater potential. We won't be needing companies for the things we need to overcome challenges in a few decades. With the help of our peers we will be able to make almost anything we need.

No revolution

This brings a brand new possibility for the transformation of our society, a gradient fall of of our economic system. As we slowly become less and less dependent from big manufacturers, they will try to survive and adapt to our growing needs for parts and materials to make our own products. Providing us with new kinds of ways to make thing in order to keep ahead of the compitition. We will need less money, and have more time, eventually making room for a global shared world with a new sustainable way of life.