Code is everywhere!


Code is becoming more and more of importance, think about it, code is everywhere, not just in your computer anymore. And code is becoming more accessible, maybe not at first sight as there are a lot of black boxes in our surrounding of which we don't have a clue what they do. But the world is changing, users are calling for transparency and the majority of the so called hackers and open source freaks are working hard on things that will change our lives.


By making code easier and more compatible with other building blocks a new internet is emerging. The internet of things. Together with trends like open source hardware and the maker revolution new ways of making things are being tested and developed in a rapid speed.

No really, revolution

Code will play a big role in that process, the more open source projects evolve, the higher the quality, therefore more users can use it and the greater the drive to improve it. From simple libraries to extraordinary projects, they are obtainable at the click of a button. With more and more code available, big companies will have less power over us, the balance of privacy can be restored and an open internet guaranteed.

But you need to be able to program to really understand code, so there's the bottleneck for now. But that will also change. Making software will be easier, and as a new generation grows up, a much higher percentage of the population will be able to make there own software.

For now, if you can't speak the language, check my open source projects or drop me a line with your special requests.